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AI Headline Generator

Our headline generator will create a suitable headline for your story in no time. Just choose the style you want and enter the topic of your story! Our headline generator is primarily for entertainment purposes.

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Please keep in mind that the answers come directly from OpenAI and we have no control over the accuracy of them. The following apply Terms of use and the Privacy policy from OpenAI. To generate your headline, we currently use the API "GPT-3" from OpenAI.

Definition: A Headline is a short, eye-catching sentence or phrase that summarizes the content of an article, news item, or other text. It is usually the first thing readers see and should encourage them to continue reading the text.


What does the headline generator do?

Our Headline generator is a tool that helps users create engaging and attention-grabbing headlines for your content. It can suggest words and phrases that reflect the content of the article. It can also help to optimize the choice of words to attract the attention of readers.

However, the tool is meant more as a fun tool - we make no claim that the different styles are always accurate or meaningful. Please keep that in mind when using our headline generator.

How does our headline generator work?

The SEOschmiede headline generator uses the current API from OpenAIto create a suitable headline based on your topic. We have also formulated different headline styles, each leading to a different result. This is done by defining so called promts (in this case prompts). Below you can see which promts we feed GPT-3 with to create the headlines:

"Create a clickbait-like blog title on the topic '" + sQuestion + "'."
"Create a funny and witty headline on the topic '" + sQuestion + "'."
"Develop an exaggerated headline in left-wing populist style on the topic '" + sQuestion + "'."
"Formulate a provocative headline in right-wing populist style on the topic '" + sQuestion + "'."
"Write a concise headline in the style of "der standard" on the topic '" + sQuestion + "'.
"Create a scientific headline in the style of "Nature" on the topic '" + sQuestion + "'."
"Develop a headline in the style of the "Bild" newspaper on the topic '" + sQuestion + "'."

Important note on use

OpenAI collects data from your input - you should be aware of that! If you use our tool, your data will be transmitted directly to OpenAI and processed there. We as SEOschmiede have no influence on this! Tip: Do not share any personal information or information that could be used to identify you as an individual.

As SEOschmiede we have no control over the generated responses from OpenAI. ChatGPT (more precisely GPT-3.5-Turbo) is a learning computer algorithm that operates based on a variety of training data and algorithms. The answers are generated automatically and we cannot take any responsibility for the correctness or appropriateness of the answers.

Type of dataExamples
Personal data

Name, contact information, account credentials

User contentInput, file uploads, or feedback sent to the Services.
Communication dataName, contact information and content of messages
Social media dataContact details provided on social media sites
Log dataIP address, browser type and settings, date and time of the request, interactions with the website
Usage dataContent displayed, functions and actions used, time zone, country, date and time of access, device name, operating system and browser
Device informationDevice name, operating system and browser
CookiesInformation about your use of the Services and your preferences
Analytics dataInformation about how users use the services

You can find more information in the OpenAI Privacy Policy

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