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Whether it's an online store, landing page or digital business card. We check your website free on content, OnPage SEO, OffPage SEO and technical aspects.

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Free SEO Check

We create for all submitted websites and online stores a comprehensive SEO Check in the form of a short video. As soon as we are ready, we will send you the link to the Loom video to.

The SEO check is and remains for you free of charge! We dare to say that this service is absolutely unique.

Definition: An SEO check is an analysis of a website to determine whether it meets the requirements of search engine optimization and what optimization potential exists. The aim is to identify weak points and derive recommendations for action to improve visibility in search results.


What our SEO check can do

After you submit your URL, we put your website or online store through its paces in terms of Search engine optimization & Content.
Don't worry, you don't have to be an SEO expert to follow our recommendations.

As part of an SEO check, we always look at your website from the following points of view:

Content is King! In order to rank at all for certain search terms [Keywords] to be found, the content on the website must also match. Thereby it goes not to cover individual Search termsthat are built in somewhere, but about a holistic view and answering the questions:

  • Fits the Search Intention to the search term?
  • Is the right Page type selected?
  • If the content is as complete covered?

As the name suggests, the focus is on the OnPage SEO everything about optimizing individual elements at of your website to achieve better rankings. Apart from the content, it is about, among other things:

  • Page title
  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • URL structure
  • Content hierarchy
  • Internal linking
  • Structured data
  • Image & Video Optimization

Please note that within the SEO check there is a Initial assessment of your website and to no detailed examination of all relevant factors of the OnPage SEO.

All search engine optimization measures that are not directly related to one's own website are often also referred to as: OffPage SEO summarized.

Although the sub-area is somewhat more comprehensive, within the scope of the SEO check I look at the following in particular Backlinks and the Google My Business listing an.

Loads the page in reasonable time? Especially with regard to Google's Core Web Vitals, it is worth taking a look. Again, the SEO check cannot provide a comprehensive [technical] analysis of your website. A look at Google's PageSpeed Insights Report but it does say a few things.

What others say about us

Over time, we have already conducted several SEO checks - here is some feedback from our customers:

How the SEO check comes to you

Applying for the SEO Check is child's play. Simply enter URL and email and you're ready to go:

1. information is collected
The more information we have about your website or online store, the more meaningful your SEO check video will be.
2. SEO check is created
As soon as we find a free minute, we get to work and take a close look at your website or online store and also create a video with all the important tips, SEO levers and recommendations.
3. transmission
You will get a loom link from me and you can view your SEO check as often as you want for a few days.
4. ready
I hope you can significantly increase the visibility of your website with the help of the SEO check.

What to wait for?

An investment in search engine optimization pays off in the long run. Did you know that SEO [Search Engine Optimization] has at least four major advantages over all other online marketing tools?

Users who come directly to your website via search engines [Google, Bing, Ecosia, etc.] are potential customers for you. Unlike Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, etc., you don't have to pay a cent for this. The challenge, however, is to get high enough on the search result pages for relevant keywords. SERPs] to be placed.

As a rule, ad campaigns, no matter on which platform [Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.], have the disadvantage that there are spikes in the number of hits on your website. Organic traffic, on the other hand, is usually constant, which gives you better predictability of your business.

Theoretically, you can reach customers from all over the world with your website and give your company an unimagined growth spurt. However, I don't want to give you any illusions about this: There is fierce competition on the web and many of your competitors have probably been doing search engine optimization for years.

Let's say you sell accessories for mountain bikes and have already set up a well-stocked online store for them.
Users perfectly formulate their needs, e.g.: "smartphone mount mountain bike". Now you can create targeted content that responds to these needs. Search Intention of the user fits.

On social media, you would first have to "convince" customers and often show them ads of suitable products, etc... of course, you don't know whether the potential customer is sitting at the toilet, in the subway or relaxing at home on the sofa.

Frequently asked questions

An SEO check is an analysis of a website to determine whether it meets the requirements of search engine optimization and what optimization potential exists. The aim is to identify weak points and derive recommendations for action to improve visibility in search results.

We base our pricing of the SEO Check on the law of large numbers.

We assume that there will be many companies that use our service once, but do not buy any further services from us. At the same time, however, there will be a few with whom we can build a long-term business relationship via the SEO check. These companies then pay the others in a certain sense.
It is clear that this creates a certain free-rider problem, but we can live with that.

An example: we assume that we need an average of about 30 minutes of working time per request (this is already very tightly calculated).
With 100 inquiries, that makes 50 working hours. If we further assume that 3 to 5 of these will result in long-term business relationships, which would be an average conversion rate, we can therefore readily make this invested time available for others.

It's worth it!

What is clear, however, is that this is an experiment. Let's see if it can establish itself in the long term.

It's simple: after you submit the form and we find time to process your request, we get to work.

Once we have done the analysis and the video is ready, you will receive an email with a link to the SEO Check video.

Yes! We cannot perform an SEO check for businesses that violate our internal policies. These include, for example, companies that we believe offer misleading products and information, scam sites, websites that do not add value.

In addition, we also cannot perform an SEO check if:

  • This is requested for mere testing purposes
  • It is a direct competitor
  • We are not in a good agreement with the applying company

It is a free service that tries to help as many companies as possible. In any case, there is no legal claim to the performance of an SEO check!

The SEO check of our SEOschmiede is aimed at companies that want to increase and exploit visibility potentials of their website. The SEO check is completely free of charge and includes:

  • A professional initial assessment of the visibility potential of your website
  • An initial assessment of the competitive situation on the market
  • An identification of the 3 most effective levers to increase website visibility.
  • An individual short video (5 - 10 minutes), which will be sent via link
  • A master plan for the further steps to be taken with regard to search engine optimization

Our assessment is based on a First impression! We cannot offer comprehensive further support beyond the SEO check, that would exceed our capacities - and also costs us accordingly time and resources.

We are ready to go!

To request the SEO check for free, please fill in the fields below so that we can start the work. When we are done, we will send you an SEO analysis via video link.

Important note on use

OpenAI collects data from your input - you should be aware of that! If you use our tool, your data will be transmitted directly to OpenAI and processed there. We as SEOschmiede have no influence on this! Tip: Do not share any personal information or information that could be used to identify you as an individual.

As SEOschmiede we have no control over the generated responses from OpenAI. ChatGPT (more precisely GPT-3.5-Turbo) is a learning computer algorithm that operates based on a variety of training data and algorithms. The answers are generated automatically and we cannot take any responsibility for the correctness or appropriateness of the answers.

Type of dataExamples
Personal data

Name, contact information, account credentials

User contentInput, file uploads, or feedback sent to the Services.
Communication dataName, contact information and content of messages
Social media dataContact details provided on social media sites
Log dataIP address, browser type and settings, date and time of the request, interactions with the website
Usage dataContent displayed, functions and actions used, time zone, country, date and time of access, device name, operating system and browser
Device informationDevice name, operating system and browser
CookiesInformation about your use of the Services and your preferences
Analytics dataInformation about how users use the services

You can find more information in the OpenAI Privacy Policy

We pay for your answers! Not a joke, but a fact. We like to do this, but get annoyed when some Wooden heads out there do not appreciate and give us bad reviews because they are not satisfied with the answers.